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Consistently ranked as Utah’s “Best Of State” in government relations, the Foxley & Pignanelli team offers decades of experience in strategic political and legal problem solving, media and public relations work, public policy initiatives, and campaign consulting.

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Political Expertise

Doug Foxley & Frank Pignanelli are two of the most well-known names in Utah politics. Doug hails as one of the state’s key pioneers in the creation of career lobbying, while Frank served 10 years in the Utah House of Representatives--6 of which were spent as Minority Leader. The duo undoubtably and intimately knows the ins and outs of national, state, and local politics.



The Foxley & Pignanelli firm is built on the unique ability to strategically anticipate and address complex problems, providing strategic, creative, and well-executed solutions for their clients. An excellent lobbying team and an array corporate partnerships, including close work with a research firm, make Foxley & Pignanelli one of the most dynamic, respected, and effective groups on the Capitol Hill. 


Whether its blazing political trails for key players in the tech sector, modernizing state financial laws, or pioneering new responses to the demands of healthcare reform, the Foxley & Pignanelli team continuously delivers excellent and innovative results for its clients. The team has proven time and again that they get the job done, making them the best resource and advocate for all things political in Utah.

The state’s top lobbyists are partners Doug Foxley & Frank Pignanelli.
— The Salt Lake Tribune March, 2013

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