Fight Policy Issues in Salt Lake City, UT

Here at Foxley & Pignanelli, we’re professional problem solvers. If you’re looking for the right solution for your business, association, or campaign, you have come to the right place. 

Our experience has made us highly qualified to fight policy issues in every venue. Regardless, if your issue deals with federal, state, department level, county, or city government, we are ready to develop a strategic plan to accomplish your unique goals. 

This is a new age in government advocacy and traditional methods to solve problems no longer work. We find creative solutions to create a movement and develop allies from industry to grassroots activism who will join the fight to resolve your issue. 

Some firms rely solely on personal relationships to achieve policy changes. Foxley & Pignanelli merge relationships and research to succeed in accomplishing your strategic goals.To learn more, reach out to us today.


Foxley & Pignanelli provides a full range of government relations and public relations services.

We take a team approach to our work, collaborating to create the best strategy for our clients’ needs and to utilize each of our team members’ expertise surrounding any given issue or
public policy challenge.


Foxley & Pignanelli are widely known for their dedication and commitment to the community. 

From mentorship and serving as adjunct professors to the continuous pursuit of open and transparent government, discover how Foxley & Pignanelli are contributing to the betterment of the community and the State of Utah as a whole. 



Mr. Foxley and Mr. Pignanelli serve as adjunct professors every Fall Semester and teach an upper division course in campaign management for the University of Utah Hinckley Institute of Politics.

"Doug and Frank possess some of the best political brains in the state. Every year, they receive tremendous accolades from our students for the knowledge that they impart, and for the incredible speakers they bring to the class," offered Kirk Jowers, Former Director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics.

This participation with the Hinkley Institute of Politics has become an important element of the Foxley & Pignanelli outreach to the community. Every year they guide 40-50 students toward different fields of expertise that utilize campaign management skills. The course also requires each student to intern on a campaign for at least 5 hours a week. While this provides invaluable experience to the participants, Foxley Pignanelli gains invaluable insight to as to the current status of campaigns and public affairs events.

Each, the class features several guest speakers who are nationally recognized experts. Students – who award the highest marks available in the semester reviews, treasure this practical hands-on approach. Officeholders and candidates comprehend the value of this knowledge and consistently request from Mr. Foxley and Mr. Pignanelli access to the pupils they instructed.


In addition to their involvement with the Hinkley Institute, Foxley & Pignanelli is aggressive in hiring and promoting interns at the legislature and for other political activities. A number of alumni from the firm have accomplished tremendous success in leadership positions throughout the country for various political entities and elected officials.

Open Government

Doug Foxley and Frank Pignanelli are proud to represent that the Utah Media Coalition and the Utah Press Association. All of the daily and weekly newspapers, radio and television stations, and other traditional media belong to these organizations. The highest priority is to protect the rights of citizens and the media to access government records and monitor the actions of public officials. Foxley & Pignanelli dedicate a tremendous amount of their personal and firm resources towards fulfilling these important objectives.

Weekly Column to Opinion Leaders

Since 2003, Frank has been a weekly Sunday morning columnist for the Deseret News. He and LaVarr Webb appear in the front page of the Sunday opinion section every week and provide analysis--sometimes humorous--of the local happenings in the state. As a result, Frank is oftentimes asked to provide political insight to the media and to various community organizations. In March 2012, Doug and Frank were awarded the prestigious "Honorary Publisher" award by the Utah Press Association in recognition of their efforts to promote open and ethical government... especially as lobbyists.


For many years, Doug served as Chairman of the board of Regents-the gubernatorial appointed entity, which supervises all of the state’s universities and colleges. After a brief hiatus, Gov. Huntsman appointed Doug to the Utah State University Board of Trustees. As in “Aggie” in love with his alma mater, Doug is a dedicated board member.

Utah Arts Community

Frank is perhaps the longest serving member of the Utah Symphony & Opera-since 1991. An ardent fan of Opera, Frank believes that a quality symphony and opera not only instills an important quality of life for the community, but provides attraction for business growth within the state.

Utah State Bar Ethics

Doug and Frank sponsored the first Continuing Legal Education course for legislative ethics in 1998. Since then, they are featured speakers requested by the Utah State Bar, justice advocacy organizations and business associations to provide updates and information regarding political, lobbying and legislative ethics.