Summer Newsletter

Firework shows, BBQ’s, and baseball games can mean only one thing; it’s summer time in Utah! Your Foxley and Pignanelli team is working just as hard as any other time of the year but we are putting a little more zest into our days. Each member of the firm has unique hobbies and interests and is diligently putting the office hours in while still finding time to pursue our personal interests. Here is a mid year update on what the firm is up to this summer solstice.


To say Doug and Aimee put their hearts and souls into the May 10th celebrations would be an understatement. More than a month later, they are still unwinding from all their hard work. The marrying of the rails was one of the most pivotal moments in Utah’s and the nation’s history and Doug certainly made sure the 150th celebration was done the justice it deserves- and it was.

There were many noteworthy moments to be sure the 150th was a celebration to remember. There was an unveiling of the Utah Spike. You may not have known, but there is an Arizona gold/silver spike, a Nevada silver spike, and the original Golden Spike that resides full-time at Stanford University. It was thought that it was only appropriate that Utah should have our very own copper spike!

Thanks to the efforts of Congressman Bishop, Congress declared the Promontory area as a National Historic Park. Which means move over Mighty Five, Utah is now home to the Super Six.

For those of you who were not able to join the party on May 10th, there was one portion that Doug and the rest of the Foxley & Pignanelli team highly recommends for you to watch. The keynote speaker for the event, Jon Meacham, brought the audience to tears. As Frank puts it,

‘Lincolnesque is the best description I have for this presentation. Mecham rivaled the Great Emancipator, Ronald Reagan and Martin Luther King. He did not use complex words but rather simple statements that were elegantly constructed. He moved the audience by a genuine product of verbal artistry that so describes the American soul.”

Click here to watch the presentation.

One of Doug’s top priorities for the sesquicentennial celebration was to be sure the famous ‘champaign pose’ photo would look drastically different from the one that was originally taken May 10th 1869 and later replicated for the 50th and 100th celebration. As a hobbyist historian, Doug has always admired the sacrifice of the individuals who truly made the Golden Spike happen. The labor put in by the Chienese and Irish immigrants has historically been ignored. But Doug wanted to be sure that 2019 would be the year to emphasize their contribution. The unification of cultures was perhaps best described by a couple who traveled from Plymouth, Massachusetts to be apart of the celebration day. Paul and Jane Cashman have been looking forward to the 150th for over 30 years and took the time to reach out to Doug to thank him for his hard work. In their letter, the couple stated,

“The “As One” theme is, in our view, the right way to think about, and celebrate, diversity in America. When there’s a big goal, we can pull together as one. That doesn’t mean there aren’t injustices along the way, but in time, we have the legal and cultural mechanisms to correct them.”

The commortoration gathered the attention of state, national, and international attention. There were many articles that covered the events in some of the most notorious news outlets, including theNew York Times.

The marrying of the rails was done in style thanks to Doug’s and Aimee’s tireless efforts. It was a day that inspired patriotism, brought a sense of unity between nations, and shined a bright light on our beloved Utah.

“...that speaks volumes about the good nature of Utahns, we think. We will sing Utah’s praises to our traveling friends, and we hope to make it back again soon.” -Paul and Jane Cashman


Speaking of marriage, Frank is looking at a proud (and expensive) year as a father. His only daughter will be tying the knot with her college sweetheart this September and his two twin boys will be heading off to college. Andrew, the left brained twin, will be attending the University of Utah and has been admitted to the prestigious Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute on a full ride scholarship. Anthony, the right brained twin, will be moving cross country to Boston to join the Berklee School of Music. As a soon-to-be empty nester, Frank is looking forward to quiet evenings on his patio.


Apart from her work at the Foxley & Pignanelli office, our cowgirl is up to one thing this summer- rodeo, of course! She’s off to a great start so far by placing 13th in the 2019 Pro-Rodeo Wilderness Circuit Standings. She has many more races ahead and will likely be making a stop at your hometown rodeo sometime this summer. If you are interested in attending one of her races click here for her summer schedule. Renae welcomes supporters to all of her races and would love for you to come say hi and give her horse a good luck treat.

*Please be sure to contact her beforehand to coordinate!


We aren’t sure how, but somehow Aimee is able to keep many balls in the air for the office, her family, and personal interests. One of her pet projects during the summertime is Venture Outdoors. It is a campaign in Millcreek to get families to enjoy outdoor activities in the summertime. They offer free recreation clinics, live music, food trucks, community vendors an outdoor movies to the community every summer and Aimee is the woman who makes it happen. She enjoys the opportunity to give back to her city and welcomes anyone interested to join the summer festivities.Click here to learn more.


While we are on the topic of ‘venturing out’, our beloved junior associate Machi Johnson is leaving Foxley and Pignanelli for greener pastures- literally. This August she will be attending law school in the heart of the Bluegrass at the University of Kentucky on a generous scholarship from the institution. The office may burst into chaos with her absence but we could not be more happy to send her off on her next chapter to invest in herself. This summer she will spend a little bit of time preparing for the infamous 1L year and most of her free time enjoying her favorite Utah summer activities; jeeping, paddleboarding, rockhounding, boating, and hiking.

From all of us at Foxley and Pignanelli, we hope you are having a splendid summer!