It's here... 2019 General Legislative Session

January marks the beginning of the Foxley & Pignanelli hibernation season. However, we will not be enjoying a seasonal slumber tucked away from the world but rather painting our faces blue, dressing in (professional) armor, and enclosed in the Utah State Capitol fighting the good fights on behalf of our local and national clients.

This is a friendly reminder that 2019 General Legislative Session commences on January 28th and will end March 14th. Doug is closing down his Delta account, Frank is stocking up on coffee, Renae is setting up Skype accounts for her horses, Aimee is holding down the office, Machi is searching for the best scuba locations in March, and the our session intern Romm Jackson is wondering what he got himself into.

During this period the majority of our time will be spent at the state capitol and the best way to reach us will be through our personal cell numbers which are listed below, though we will check our office voicemail as often as possible.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us for any matter.

Here are several links that are great resources pertaining to the legislative session:

View or search bills

Who are my legislators?

Legislative calendar   

Utah House of Representatives roster

Utah Senate roster


There are also some important dates during the legislative process that we wanted to make you aware of: 

Jan 28th First day of the annual General Session

Jan 31st Last day for a legislator to designate priority bill requests

Feb 7th Last day to approve bills for numbering without floor approval

Mar 14th Last day of session

April 3rd Last day for governor to sign or veto bills

Douglas Foxley 801-556-1940

Frank Pignanelli 801-558-3826

Renae Cowley 801-529-3209

Machi Johnson 801-687-6425

Session intern: Romm Jackson 801-330-7358