In Memory of Dan Jones

We at Foxley & Pignanelli mourn the recent passing of Utah’s leading political guru and nationally recognized pollster Dan Jones. Dan was not only an unforgettable giant in Utah politics, but a personal friend to us. Our relationship with him goes back 47 years when Douglas Foxley took Dan's state and local government course at Utah State. Subsequently, he ended up enrolling in every other course that Dan taught in addition to staying on at USU for an additional year to be Dan’s Graduate Assistant. Doug was also honored to have Dan be the Chairman of his Thesis Committee. It was Dan's remarkable gift for passionate speaking and empowering others that drew individuals to him.  He leaves behind a great legacy that we wish to honor. 

Please join us in preserving Dan's memory by donating to Dan E. Jones Future Leaders Scholarship fund. This scholarship is supervised by the Hinckley Institute at the University of Utah to honor the public service Dan dedicated to countless individuals to Utah. The scholarship money is awarded to local interns who are committed to public service and who demonstrate outstanding academic accomplishment and leadership potential. You can access information regarding the scholarship at: