Session is coming

Monday, January 22nd marks the commencement of Utah's 2018 General Legislative Session. Foxley & Pignanelli is hard at work preparing for the frenetic 45-day battle. Frank is stocking up on long underwear, Doug is putting his passport in the drawer, Aimee is planning an empty-office party, Machi is adding padded insoles to all of her high heels, and is and Renae is hanging up her spurs.  

For the duration of the legislative session, we will be working around the clock at the State Capitol. If you are in need of assistance, please contact us by email or on our cell phones. We will be monitoring our office voicemail as often as possible. 

There are several links below that are great resources pertaining to the legislative session:


View or search bills

Who are my legislators?

Legislative calendar   

Utah House of Representatives roster

Utah Senate roster


There are also some important dates during the legislative process that we wanted to make you aware of: 

Jan 22nd First day of the annual General Session

Jan 25th Last day for a legislator to designate priority  bill requests

Feb 1st Last day to approve bills for numbering without floor approval

Feb 24th Last day for the Legislature to presents a bill to the governor where the governor is required to act on the bill before the end of the session

Mar 8th Last day of session

Mar 28th Last day for governor to sign or veto bills


We look forward to working with you during the upcoming session. Cheers to a merry 45 days from your friends at Foxley & Pignanelli. 


General email account:

Twitter: @foxandpig

Individual emails:

Douglas Foxley (801) 556-1940

Frank Pignanelli (801) 558-3826

Renae Cowley (801) 529-3209

Machi Johnson (801) 687-6425 

Aimee McConkie (801) 634-8910