150th Anniversary of the Golden Spike, brought to you by Douglas Foxley

A concurrent resolution was passed during the 2017 Utah legislative session recognizing the upcoming 150th anniversary of the United State’s first transcontinental railroad, as well as requesting that a committee be formed to plan the commemorative ceremony. We are honored to announce Governor Gary Herbert selected Foxley & Pignanelli’s founding partner, Douglas Foxley to serve as the ceremony chair. 

 Those close to the firm know there are few individuals more educated and proud of the great State of Utah and its rich history than Douglas Foxley. He has dedicated much of his time to serve various leadership positions to enrich the state. The wedding of the rails is a significant milestone in Utah's history as well as that of our nation. 

 The opportunity to coordinate the 2019 celebration has quickly become a passion project for Doug. He has been hard at work bringing together stakeholders from across the state to ensure this is a celebration worthy of such a historical event. As Doug has said, "it will be the party of the decade!"