Foxley & Pignanelli hosts UAFS and NAIB annual convention

Foxley & Pignanelli is the association management firm for the Utah Association of Financial Services (UAFS) and the National Association of Industrial Bankers (NAIB). Management services include state and federal government relations, communications, event planning, training, plus board and committee governance.

On September 12-14, 2017, Foxley & Pignanelli hosted the UAFS & NAIB Annual Convention and Golf Tournament in Midway, Utah.  Bankers, academics, vendors and regulators attended this important industry event.

Highlights included:


Brokered Deposit Project

Dr. James Barth, Lowder Eminent Scholar in Finance at Auburn University

This report describes and examines the role brokered deposits play in the banking system as well as the regulatory treatment of such deposits. The focus is on the impact of brokered deposits on bank performance, bank failures and bank failure costs. An assessment is made as to whether the differential treatment of brokered deposits is justified in view of the empirical evidence examined.


Shape of Things to Come…Future of Fintech

John Lass, President of Lass Advisory Services LLC

The world of financial services is being impacted by waves of disruption from the growing FinTech sector.  But FinTech itself is rapidly being transformed by new advances in data analytics, AI, robotics and other tech sectors.  John Lass led us on a guided tour of the future to consider both the risks and opportunities facing financial institutions. 


Safety and Soundness of Industrial Loan Corporations

Dr. James Barth, Lowder Eminent Scholar in Finance at Auburn University

The ILC update project provides an updated assessment of the contribution and performance of industrial loan companies to the US banking system. It is shown that during the most recent financial crisis, ILCs provided credit when other financial institutions were unable or unwilling to do so (due to a lack of liquidity or capital). Moreover, in terms of ROA, 80 percent of the ILCs performed better than the average of all FDIC-insured institutions, while 80 percent also outperformed the average of all state-chartered institutions. When the ILCs are compared to commercial banks within the same size categories, 50 percent or more of the ILCs came out ahead of their respective FDIC-insured institution size group in terms of ROA. Based on all the other measures, nearly half the ILCs performed better than all FDIC-insured institutions and state-chartered institutions. This suggests that the ILC industry should be allowed to grow by tapping into new sources of capital from companies that are otherwise prohibited from owning a bank by the BHCA.



Other Convention Presenters:

Regulatory Updates

Kathy Moe     FDIC Regional Director

Ed Leary         Utah DFI Commissioner

Matt Sheeran FDIC CRA Review Examiner 


Risk Governance & The Board of Director’s Role

Catherine Bromilow, PWC


US Liquidity Regulations: Overview and Future Impact

Steve Turner, Novantas


Cybersecurity: Prevent. Detect. Respond.

Chad Knutson, President SBS Cybersecurity Institute


Regulatory Change + Economic Uncertainty = Opportunity or Threat?

Robert Spendlove, Sr. VP Economic and Policy Officer, Zions Bank


Rising Interest Rates in a Post-Crisis Environment

Steve Turner, Novantas


CRA Community Needs Assessment and Financial Literacy Outreach

Sorenson Impact Center, Salt Lake County, Kem Gardner Institute


Political Updates

Doyle Bartlett, Federal Lobbyist NAIB, The Eris Group

Mark Johnson, Government Relations Director, Toyota