Pignanelli and Webb: What Utahns say and what they really mean

A very grueling, contentious legislative session adjourned last week. We know it was a rough session because events on our Capitol Hill even overshadowed the circus in Washington D.C. — a rarity. We know it’s hard to follow the nuances of legislative action because of all the political mumbo-jumbo. So, to clarify what really happened, we offer our traditional annual feature: “What they say … and what they mean.”

Pignanelli and Webb: How the tug of war between branches and levels of government affects Utah

Our country’s founders provided a Constitution designed to protect against tyranny by providing checks and balances — dividing power among branches and levels of government. The rivalries among executive, legislative and judicial branches, and also between state and federal levels, continue to foster emotional debate. Utah politicos are in the middle of these ongoing disputes.