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In 1997, partners Douglas Foxley & Frank Pignanelli founded the innovative, bipartisan government relations firm of Foxley & Pignanelli.


Amidst their differences in political ideology, the duo built a firm that provides comprehensive government relations services, strong partnerships between clients and public officials, and is committed to a legacy of service for Utah. Foxley & Pignanelli have a reputation for being the premier lobbyists on Utah’s Capitol Hill, having been ranked the Best of State in government relations 3X, diligently and consistently representing over 45 clients. To learn more, reach out to us today.


Meet The Team

Government Relations Lobbyists - Salt Lake City, UT

Doug Foxley
Founder & Managing Partner

As a Republican, Douglas Foxley has been a major presence in Utah politics since graduating from law school and beginning the lobbying practice in 1978. Mr. Foxley was a 2016 Co-Chairman of the reelection campaigns of Governor Gary Herbert and Congresswoman Mia Love. He has also served as a strategic advisor on numerous campaigns throughout his career - most notably his work as Senior Advisor for the 2012 Orrin Hatch reelection campaign and as a Senior Advisor to the Jon Huntsman for Governor campaigns.

Doug’s extensive political expertise and professional experience repeatedly proved invaluable to candidates and the clients he represented.  From 1985 to 1997, Doug served on the Utah State Board of Regents, where he served as Chair for three years. From 2005 to 2013, Doug also served on the Utah State University Board of Trustees. Mr. Foxley is responsible for facilitating the organization of USU’s Institute of Government & Politics’ speaker series with the goal of engaging students, faculty and the community in civic dialogue. This speaker-series has since been named “The Foxley Forum” in his honor. Additionally, Doug was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Utah State University in May 2016.

Currently, Doug is actively engaged in another passion project. In 2017 Doug was selected by Governor Gary Herbert to serve as the ceremony chair to organize the upcoming 150th anniversary of the United State’s first transcontinental railroad, to be celebrated in May 2019. Those close to the firm know there are few individuals more educated and proud of the great State of Utah and its rich history than Douglas Foxley. He has been hard at work bringing together stakeholders from across the state and country to ensure this is a celebration worthy of such a historical event.


Frank Pignanelli

Frank Pignanelli is one of the youngest Utahns ever elected to state office, where he served in the House of Representatives for 10 years. As a Democrat, he spent 6 of those years as Minority Leader. Frank was a practicing attorney and active in general litigation until 1993 when he was appointed Vice President and General Counsel of BlueCross BlueShield of Utah.

Frank also serves on the Advisory Board for the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at The University of Utah and The University of Utah Venture Fund (An investment firm that partners with well-known venture capital firms to provide college students with unique opportunities.). Frank is a recipient of Emeritus-Lifetime membership in the Vest Pocket Business Coalition, and is the longest serving member of the Utah Symphony & Opera Board.

Additionally, Mr. Pignanelli writes a Sunday column on political activities in Utah for the state's second-largest daily newspaper, the Deseret News. Also, Pignanelli is a frequent speaker and political commentator for various civic and business gatherings throughout the state.

Government Relations Lobbyists - Salt Lake City, UT

Government Relations Lobbyists - Salt Lake City, UT

Aimee McConkie

With over 15 years of experience in professional association management and Master of Public Policy, Aimee understands the unique challenges associations face, and what they need to succeed. Aimee oversees the day-to-day operations of several associations that include managing membership, communications, government and public relations, event planning, bookkeeping, plus board and committee management. Her keen mind makes her unusually adept at solving problems and understanding the tasks involved to help groups she manages accomplish their pursuits and succeed.

Aimee enjoys community advocacy work. In 2005 she launched Utah Venture Outdoors, which is a summer festival series in Millcreek that educates and encourages residents to participate in the wealth of recreational opportunities available in Utah. She also worked with Salt Lake County complete several community initiatives in the Millcreek area as the President of the Canyon Rim Citizens' Association. She also helped lead the successful Millcreek City campaign in 2015. In 2017, she launched LABELED a 4-day film festival to break stigma and create cause for mental health.

Currently, she serves on the Lowell Bennion Center's Executive Committee Advisory Board at the University of Utah and she's on the advisory board of Salt Lake Education Foundation.


Renae Cowley

Renae hails from West Point, Utah and is a proud graduate of Utah State University bringing the office's Aggie count to two. Renae also earned her MBA from Texas A&M Commerce. 

Prior to joining Foxley & Pignanelli, Renae worked in the Executive Branch for two years and worked on numerous winning campaigns. Renae has been heavily involved in political campaigns across the Intermountain West including elections for mayors, county commissioners, state legislators, congressional and senate races as well as independent expenditures and super PACs. She has built a reputation as an artful campaign consultant and top-notch fundraiser.

Renae is a talented political writer. She shares the perspective of a conservative millennial as a contributor on various national political blogs. She is a frequent guest speaker at Weber State University and AP high school government classes to share her insight and expertise on Utah's political climate, the legislative process and messaging for campaigns. 

Her crowning achievement was winning Miss Rodeo Utah and finishing in the top five at Miss Rodeo America.  Renae is a 4-H volunteer and rides compentitively as a professional barrel racer.  



Machi Johnson
Junior Associate 

Machi is a Utah County native who found her way to the Salt Lake area to obtain her undergraduate degree. She is a graduate from the University of Utah in strategic communications and is pursuing a graduate degree.

Her involvement in politics began when she served an internship with Governor Herbert’s communications office. She was invited back to the Governor's Office a second semester with an expanded role and responsibilities. She caught the political bug and was inspired to chase her interest in international politics. She was selected from a competitive field of her peers to intern for the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh. Her prowess and skills then landed her a job working for a member of the House of Commons in Westminster London, England. 

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree she was hired as a corporate trainer for a large, Utah-based company that entrusted her to integrate their partners nationwide into company culture and industry trends. Missing the political climate, Machi interned with Foxley & Pignanelli and dazzeled us so much that we made her a permanent member of the team. Her management, communication, and critical thinking skills have helped Foxley & Pignanelli better serve the needs of our clients, stay ahead of political trends, and lead out on important issues.