Summer Newsletter

Firework shows, BBQ’s, and baseball games can mean only one thing; it’s summer time in Utah! Your Foxley and Pignanelli team is working just as hard as any other time of the year but we are putting a little more zest into our days. Each member of the firm has unique hobbies and interests and is diligently putting the office hours in while still finding time to pursue our personal interests. Here is a mid year update on what the firm is up to this summer solstice.

Pignanelli and Webb: Tax reform is going to make a hot Utah summer sizzle

One of the most controversial, and unfinished, issues in the 2019 legislative session was a proposal to collect sales taxes on professional services and other industries. Lawmakers committed to study the matter through the summer, along with other structural reforms in the tax system, and then convene a special session in the fall. Shockingly, tax policy is political! We review the implications of tax reform.